Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mastering new things.

I can now stand up independently after I crash (which I do often!)... as you can see I do the straight leg, booty in the air method. I usually grunt like a little piggy as I do this too! It's quite funny, at least that's what mommy and daddy say.

Ocularist Visit

We had a visit with the best ocularist in the world last week. He said that I am doing great! He wants to have an EUA (exam under anesthesia) in a few weeks to put in a new larger conformer. The best part of the visit is that he didn't have to remove my current conformer... hip hip hooray for that! Sooo looks like we'll be hanging out at University Hospital before too long. These are no big deal any more, I don't even cry. I'll let you know when we get it scheduled because I still would love to have your thoughts and prayers.

Got Milk?

I love my straw cup, but apparently I haven't quite mastered it yet! Pretty cute, huh!?

Outdoor fun!

Sunday my family spent some time outside in the warm Texas sun. We may not have snow here ... but we definitely have tons of leaves! My big brother got a dog for Christmas, isn't she cute?! Her name is Kodi and she likes to like me a lot. She came from the Humane Society in New Braunfels so we don't really know what her breed is. We think she is part Blue Heeler and part Australian cow dog. She is full of energy and is super great at fetching! Kayson and I were helping out with the fire wood and explored darn near every inch of our huge backyard.

Friday, January 16, 2009

My Godfather is a daddy!

I am so excited to show you my two new little buddies! Tessa and Abel had their little bundles of joy on Jan 7! They are still in the NICU, but they're doing great! Colton was moved out of his isolette (incubator) yesterday and Matson won't be far behind. We are hoping and praying that they'll be outta there very soon!