Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

My brother... trendsetter!?

First my silly brother jumped in the pool with his socks on (see Wordless Wednesday post)... now he's outside playing around... sportin' his pajamas and Crocs! He's a crazy guy! We are so thrilled that we'll be heading to pick him up in about an hour or so. I've missed him so much and I can't wait to see him!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Look ma no eye!

Yesterday when my mom got me out of the crib I had a little surprise for her. Yep that's right. I was holding a toy in one hand and my prosthetic eye in the other. I think I freaked her out a little. And wouldn't ya know out it Mr. Wenske is out of town until Monday. My mom and dad don't know how to put it back in or even which way it goes for that matter. But from what I hear they're going to try to get it back in tonight. We'll see about that! If they're not successful we'll be making a trip to see Mr. Wenske on Monday.

So as if that didn't freak my mom out enough what happened next surely did. We had to take Biscuit to the vet to get checked out. On the way there she pooped in the car! Thank goodness mom had her little bed on the seat, but still! It was a bit stinky for the rest of the ride. Good news is that she is doing well with her spider bite.

I am missing my brother this week. He is away at Lutherhill summer camp. As you can see in the photo below... he's a goofball. He's jumping in the pool with his socks on!!! Who knows why! I guess we'll hear all about it when he comes home on Friday. I hope he's having fun, but I sure do miss him!

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, June 7, 2009


We are dog-sitting my papa and pamaw's (Seidenschwarz) doggy, Biscuit, while they trek across the country for a couple of weeks. Last night they were on the strip in Las Vegas with my Uncle Bret!

Well the poor little girl was bitten by a brown recluse spider. She is quite the nosy pup you see and apparently this time it got her into trouble. We think that she found the yucky spider at the back of our property... she left a bit of evidence behind in the form of a freshly dug hole.

Don't worry though... we have taken her to the vet and she is recovering. I don't mind going there because they have this Clifford the Big Red Dog table and chairs that's just my size. You can see me sitting patiently in the picture above. The very nice vet had to put sweet Biscuit under 3 times already in order to get things moving along in the healing process. She has to wear this beautiful blue cone and her paw is wrapped up tightly in the some neato red tape for now. On Tuesday and she'll get her bandage removed. Mommy has been giving her medicine disguised in peanut butter and we've been giving her extra TLC so she can heal. (PS the picture of her is not upside down... she was acting silly and she was actually upside down!)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Mommy and Daddy got to see my little brother on Monday. It appears to still definitely be a boy. All of his measurements are right on target, and there are no signs of any abnormalities... isn't that great!?! They saw both of the normal eye sockets again and this time they saw two lenses (eyes)! I am so excited to hear that! He is weighing in at a whopping pound these days and mommy says he moves a lot. His heart and kidneys look great too! We think that this little nuggie is going to look a lot like me.... can't wait to find out!

While mommy and daddy were at the doctor, my brother and I got to stay with my Popo and Mimi (and my two cousins)! Mommy's doctor doesn't allow any kids, but, that was fine by us! We had so much fun! Mimi took these pics to prove it!