Wednesday, September 5, 2012

6th, Pre-K, MDO

Kayson (11) & Kouper (4)  have been in school for a couple of weeks now, and Kylar (2) started Mother's Day Out today!  We had a wonderful summer, but it's nice to have a routine back in place.  So far so good for all! Kayson has begun a new adventure at his new school. All the 6th graders in our hometown attend the same school, so he's had fun seeing some buddies from other schools. He is in the band this year and will be playing the trombone. He still loves playing his guitar and is continually amazing me with all of his talents.  Both Kayson & Kouper are riding the bus in the morning, together! Kouper really gets a kick out of going to school "in the night" as he says. The bus gets here super early at about 6:35 so it's still very dark.  I am proud of all of my boys and excited to see what adventures the school year will bring!