Thursday, January 26, 2012

Throwback Thursday...

My parents were going through some old photos and gifted several to me. I am a sucker for photos, especially older ones of my younger days! How beautiful is my mom? She really is stunning. I wish that all of those yellow spots were gone from this photo, but I love this photo just the same. From my brothers' homemade vests (my mom isn't only beautiful, she is talented too!) to my Dad's cool Buddy Holly-esque glasses. What a sweet, sweet photo I will cherish for ever! Sidenote: I sure look like that little girl from Poltergeist, don't I?

Oh and I almost forgot... on the back of the frame remained the price tag from the frame.... 59 cents from Perry's. If any of you from where I'm from you'll remember Perry's!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Are my teeth shiny?

Kouper had a good check up yesterday! He was very curious about everything in the dentist office. He asked a million questions and was an excellent patient. When we got home he kept saying are my teeth shiny? Yes Kouper, they sure are. Koup is a good brusher and loves to brush his teeth. He's especially excited about his new Lightning McQueen tooth brush. Hopefully he'll continue to love to brush those pearly whites!