Thursday, July 31, 2008

I've got two teeth!

Can you believe that I already have two teeth?! Mom isn't so thrilled about it... sometimes I bite her. She says they are quite sharp! Sorry mom, but I'm gonna get more! It won't be long before I have a whole mouthful.

A fun day in SA!

On Tuesday my mommy and pamaw took Kayson and me for a fun-filled day in San Antonio! First we ventured down on the River Walk to eat at the Rain Forest Care. We had a hard time maneuvering my stroller around the stairs and such, but it was worth it. The Rain Forest Cafe was really cool! Of course I ate sweet taters, but everyone else had some good stuff to eat. There were all kinds of animals and fish to look at. Every 30 minutes it got dark and there was a thunderstorm! It was really neat. Next we walked over to the San Antonio Children's Museum. That was a lot of fun too! I think I want to go back there when I am older so I can do all of the fun stuff that my brother did. Mom and pamaw said that Kayson and I were both really good boys the whole day. The museum had 3 levels of different activities for us to check out. Kayson even made a giant bubble around himself! My favorite was the different fish tanks that we saw throughout. Kayson's favorite was a big space shuttle. We even got to ride on a front end loader while Kayson drove it!
Thank you pamaw so much for joining us!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why do they call them appointments, they're NEVER on time?!

Okay so Mr. Wenske is almost always on time... but the rest of the doctors are not. I'm sorry to rant, but I'm just a baby! I don't have very much patience and I hate being locked up in a teeny room for hours waiting for the doctor, argghh! Okay, okay, I'm calm now... on with the story... Today I went for the first time to my new pediatric ophthalmologist. She was sooo nice. (Dr. Martha Schatz) The only bummer was that we waited for an hour and a half in the exam room. It felt like two days, but again, she was very nice and great with me! I'll be getting my first pair of glasses soon. I don't have any vision problems with my right eye, but they want me to wear the glasses to protect it. As you know, I am on the move these days and anxious to get into all kinds of stuff. I almost got into Prinka's dog bowl the other day, but mommy snagged me just in time. She says that she needs to baby proof the house now, but I don't think so, it's so fun to explore! She did already put protectors in the outlets so there goes some of my fun.


This is the first time I have worn a big boy hat! It didn't last too long, but my mom said it was cute. We went to eat with D'Laine for lunch at Dragon Place and I was such a good boy. I sat in the big boy high chair and didn't fuss too much at all. I tried to eat the table, but I didn't get very far. I only cried once when I hit my chin on the table. I enjoyed my cheerios and bananas while mom and Laine at some weird looking food. Kayson was the luckiest of all ... he had chicken tenders and crinkle fries! Thanks D'Laine!

Brotherly love...

My big brother and I are having so much fun together. He is so good at entertaining me, and he has even fed me too! I couldn't ask for anyone better. He is going to swimming lessons this week and he is so brave. He jumped off of the diving board in the deep end and swam to the ladder all by himself! I hope that I can do that when I get big too! I love you Kayson!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm on the move!

(Click on COMMANDO CRAWLING above to see my video)
This is my commando crawling! I love it. It gets me anywhere I want to go. The coolest thing is that I figured out how to do it all on my own, no one taught me. It won't be long until I'm doing it on my hands and knees. Oh what fun my mom, dad and brother have in store for them!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Backyard fun!

Well, my mamma said it aint fancy, but it works! My brother and I sure loved it. We spent the hot afternoon yesterday cooling off in our pool. It's the first time I've gotten to wear my swim diaper, isn't it cool? I like the croc on the hiney (said with a strong Steve Irwin accent (RIP)). I hope that we get to go to a real swimming pool soon because I LOVE kicking my little legs! My brother is attending Vacation Bible School this week too and he's having a great time, but I miss him. I am always excited when it's time to pick him up! He's the greatest big brother on the planet.

My Mohawk (Faux Hawk)

Well I think my days of being a punk rocker are gone, for now at least. For a while there all of my hair fell out except that ever-so-stylish strip down the middle. It's all grown in now! Some kids that I saw even thought that the 'rents did it on purpose! so here's one last look at it for ya... cute huh?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Great news!

Abigail (AJ) has finally gotten to go home with her parents! Check out her family's blog for more info, and please keep her in your prayers. Here is the link for her blog...

Tooth debut!

My first tooth has poked through on the bottom! Mommy isn't fast enough to get a picture of it just yet, but she and daddy both felt it! I haven't been too fussy either... well maybe a little extra "needy", but not too bad. I might let mommy get a picture of it soon for you guys.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

More new things...

Mommy and daddy got me a Johnny Jump, just like the one I tested out at Chelsea's house a few weeks ago. I love it and my mommy says she loves it too because it keeps me occupied while she does her hair and stuff. It's pretty neat. Sometimes I go a little crazy and my mommy laughs at me. It's so fun.

Also I have begun to do a little crawl, scoot, pull thingy. I wouldn't exactly call it crawling yet, but I sure can get where I wanna go. My ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) teachers say it's called comando crawling (because I stay really low to the ground). It's a whole new world now! I am discovering all kinds of great things that I can get to and chew on! My mommy and daddy have to keep a close eye on me now! Fun fun!

All kinds of new stuff!

I have learned to drink from a straw! Yep, it was so easy. My mommy didn't think that I'd be able to do it so quickly, but little does she know I am a fast learner. I did it on my first try and it's fun! I also have begun to eat graham crackers (little pieces of course), string cheese and Yo Baby! yogurt. So far I think my favorite is graham crackers, they're tasty!


I recently had an appointment with Dr. Stanley, my orthopedic doctor. He took x-rays (as you can see above) of my spine again. I think it's so cool that they can see my bones this way! Here's what they found... The good news is that the curvature in the cervical region of my spine has stayed the same. The not so good news is that the curvature in the thoracic region of my spine has gotten a bit worse. But the silver lining is that the thoracic region is a better area to operate on. So the prognosis is that if it continues to worsen I will have surgery to fuse the vertibrae once I am about a year to a year and a half old. So we'll be going back for more x-rays in Oct. to check the status.

A foretaste of what's to come...

I got my first conformer without a stem or handle last week. We were all so excited! It was painted just like my right eye and looked so great in my socket. It looked like I had two eyes! Mr. Wenske did a great job making it for me. He said that we might have to turn it sometimes if it wasn't straight, but it would be no big deal. I did just fine with it all night it wasn't until I woke up the next morning that the excitement began. My daddy picked me up and all he saw was white. So he took me to my mommy and she turned it around, no problem right!? Well here is where the fun began. Mommy picked me up and went into the family room to feed me my breakfast. When she looked down at me, my eye was gone! Oh my! So daddy and mommy panicked a bit and started looking around for it. As soon as mommy jumped up to go searching, the darn thing just started bouncing around on the floor!! Yay we found it! Oooh wait, now they have to put it back in! Yikes. Well they did great! They put it back in, but the crazy thing didn't want to stay put. It kept on twisting and popping out. So we just called Mr. Wenske and he said he was afraid that might happen. We made another trip to his office and he put the stem on for us. It's been staying in place just fine since then. I am gonna have so much fun when I finally get my prosthetic! Can't wait.