Sunday, July 6, 2008

More new things...

Mommy and daddy got me a Johnny Jump, just like the one I tested out at Chelsea's house a few weeks ago. I love it and my mommy says she loves it too because it keeps me occupied while she does her hair and stuff. It's pretty neat. Sometimes I go a little crazy and my mommy laughs at me. It's so fun.

Also I have begun to do a little crawl, scoot, pull thingy. I wouldn't exactly call it crawling yet, but I sure can get where I wanna go. My ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) teachers say it's called comando crawling (because I stay really low to the ground). It's a whole new world now! I am discovering all kinds of great things that I can get to and chew on! My mommy and daddy have to keep a close eye on me now! Fun fun!

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Chelsea & Skip Lietz said...

Kouper, you have been up to SO much! I'm very proud of your accomplishments. I want to see you again before you get TOO big. I'm glad you like straws and your johnny jump-up, and your new eye. If you need that back surgery, I have no doubt you will complete it like a champ. I missed you and Kayson at the parade, but your mom is right, it was HOT. Come see me soon!