Sunday, July 6, 2008

A foretaste of what's to come...

I got my first conformer without a stem or handle last week. We were all so excited! It was painted just like my right eye and looked so great in my socket. It looked like I had two eyes! Mr. Wenske did a great job making it for me. He said that we might have to turn it sometimes if it wasn't straight, but it would be no big deal. I did just fine with it all night it wasn't until I woke up the next morning that the excitement began. My daddy picked me up and all he saw was white. So he took me to my mommy and she turned it around, no problem right!? Well here is where the fun began. Mommy picked me up and went into the family room to feed me my breakfast. When she looked down at me, my eye was gone! Oh my! So daddy and mommy panicked a bit and started looking around for it. As soon as mommy jumped up to go searching, the darn thing just started bouncing around on the floor!! Yay we found it! Oooh wait, now they have to put it back in! Yikes. Well they did great! They put it back in, but the crazy thing didn't want to stay put. It kept on twisting and popping out. So we just called Mr. Wenske and he said he was afraid that might happen. We made another trip to his office and he put the stem on for us. It's been staying in place just fine since then. I am gonna have so much fun when I finally get my prosthetic! Can't wait.

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