Thursday, July 31, 2008

A fun day in SA!

On Tuesday my mommy and pamaw took Kayson and me for a fun-filled day in San Antonio! First we ventured down on the River Walk to eat at the Rain Forest Care. We had a hard time maneuvering my stroller around the stairs and such, but it was worth it. The Rain Forest Cafe was really cool! Of course I ate sweet taters, but everyone else had some good stuff to eat. There were all kinds of animals and fish to look at. Every 30 minutes it got dark and there was a thunderstorm! It was really neat. Next we walked over to the San Antonio Children's Museum. That was a lot of fun too! I think I want to go back there when I am older so I can do all of the fun stuff that my brother did. Mom and pamaw said that Kayson and I were both really good boys the whole day. The museum had 3 levels of different activities for us to check out. Kayson even made a giant bubble around himself! My favorite was the different fish tanks that we saw throughout. Kayson's favorite was a big space shuttle. We even got to ride on a front end loader while Kayson drove it!
Thank you pamaw so much for joining us!

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