Tuesday, September 30, 2008

All went great!

Well I made it through my surgery with flying colors! We had to get up super duper early on Wednesday (4:15 a.m.). Well mommy and daddy got up that early to get ready and they got me up at the last minute (4:50) and we dropped off Kayson at my papa and pama's house and then we were on our way. I was a total trooper all the way there. I was starving, but I tried to be a good boy. I napped a little bit too. We arrived at University Hospital shortly after 6 a.m.

We waiting a while in the waiting room and before we know it we were called back to the prep area. Mommy and daddy got me changed into my cute hospital gown (blue-ish this time!) and then we waited.

Next I got to meet my anesthesiologists and nurses. They were all very sweet to me. I was given some little cocktail next called versed. It made me a little wacky, but happy... and then I was off (at about 7 a.m.) ... in the arms of one of my anesthesiologist. Mommy and daddy waited to get the word that I was under anesthesia and doing well and then they went to the cafeteria for some coffee and breakfast. I was done by about 11 a.m. and then my mommy and daddy were back with me. We stayed in the PACU (Post Anesthesia Care Unit) for about an hour so they could monitor my heart and oxygen levels.

I was doing great so they moved me to the next recovery room and we just rested for a while longer and then I got to leave.

Dr. Fry told my mommy and daddy that everything went well. They originally were going to remove the tiny eye that was there, but it was so tiny that they decided to leave it put. A pretty good size pocket of fat was taken from my tooshy (the incision is about 3 or so inches) and then attached the 4 muscles from my eye to the fat. Dr. Fry then put in a shell-like conformer and stitched my eye shut. I also have 10 or so stitches in my hiney. I have to wear a clear patch on my eye for about a month to prevent me from scratching it.

My mommy and daddy have to give me medicine 4 times a day and change the dressing on my eye twice daily (for the next month!) and I have been such a trooper. This has NOT slowed me down one bit, but I sure am glad it's over. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.
In about six weeks I will have and EUA (Exam Under Anesthesia) and I will get a new conformer at that time. I am not sure if it will be painted like an actual eye or not, we shall see. Mr. Wenske wants me to do a clinical trial for a pretty new type of prosthetic made out of silicon. The cool thing about it is that it's nice and soft and it actually will grow! We'll have to put drops in daily, but it will expand with me. Hopefully this will work so I won't have to have it taken in and out every two weeks like before. Pretty amazing what can be done, I am so blessed!


Chelsea and Skip Lietz said...

Wow, Koup! You are so brave. I'm glad everything went well, and the plans for the future sound super cool! Imagine the stories you can tell some day. Your parents are lucky to have you, but you are VERY lucky to have them!

Ian Nicklaus Crume said...

Yippee! What great news! You're getting to be an old hand at this, aren't you?

Jessica said...

YAY Kouper!! I am so excited that every thing went so well. I hope you are helping your Mom unpack all those boxes!! Maybe she will even let you help paint!!

The Trost's said...

So glad to hear everything went well!

Anonymous said...

How adorable is this picture!!!??!! I can't get over how happy he is all the time..I'm so glad he is doing great. We're excited to see the progress.
Lots of love,
Maria Claudia

Debie said...

Oh Kouper, you're the best! Carter can't wait for you to come see his new house and tear it up with him but just get settled into your own new place for now!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Just wanted to introduce myself and let you know who this stranger is that visits your blog so often. My son was born with microphthalmia, he is almost three weeks old. It is inspiring to see how well your little guy is doing. Thank you for sharing your blog and Kouper's story, your family has given us hope. Thank you for helping us to stay positive.
Jennifer in Ft. Myers, FL

natalie said...

i'm so happy that everything went well. i knew it would!
keep us posted on the next steps.
we're your cheerleaders!