Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another awesome project by Kayson

Kayson had an assignment at school. It was to use a pop bottle to make a vehicle, decorate it and then finally to race it. The instructions were quite simple and basic, but naturally my big bro wanted to make it extra awesome. He didn't want to just decorate it, he wanted to make it something special, a dolphin. So he and mommy made the basic shape and then he covered it all in paper mache'. Not only was it good lookin' it was pretty darn fast too, he said it beat most of the other vehicles. Pretty awesome, huh? So can I save all of his projects and use them when I get to 3rd grade?! Ha, probably not, but he can sure help me!


Jessica said...

WOW! That's crazy awesome!

Jenn said...

Kayson's imagination is going to take him FAR!

I hope Kayson is writing a book of notes for you, Kouper! All the trade secrets to being SO AWESOME at so many things!

I'm sure you'll be awesome too, but your big brother has quite the head on his shoulders!


Steve said...

Kayson you would do well in Destination Imagination. It is creative problem solving . Todd did it for 6 years and really did well. Lauren and Angie's Mom coached his team. I think DI as it is called would right up your alley. Nana Leibovitz

Chelsea Lietz said...

seriously impressive!

Maria Claudia said...

Kayson, great job!!! You are so lucky to have a mommy who is as talented as you are :)