Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thank goodness for Curious George!

Yesterday was my appointment with the pediatric neurologist. Mom was a bit nervous about me having an EEG done, but I did quite well. Mom called ahead to see what their plan was for getting me to sit still and found out that they would have a DVD player! She brought my Curious George DVD and my Curious George stuffed monkey. I was a tad nervous at first with the weird hat on my head, but when they put a second hat on George it was all good. The weird part was when she squirted a jelly like substance in each of the holes on my yellow hat. (Which also made my hair look crazy when the hat was removed!) We sat there and watched the movie and it was a piece of cake. Next, we got to visit with the neurologist, and he was so nice. He took my head measurement (for a cowboy hat he said), and watched me run up and down the hallway and did a couple of other things and then pretty much talked to my mom. He explained that my EEG looked great! He also said that there is basically a 50/50 chance that I'll have another seizure, but again, we're hoping for a one shot wonder! He also explained that if I do have a second seizure that I'll be put on medication and at that point it will be considered epilepsy. For now he said to just get lots of sleep and I am not supposed to swim or bathe alone... which of course I don't do. So we'll just keep on livin' and see what the good Lord has in store for us next! Sorry about the dark grainy pictures, mom took them with her phone and the room was dark too!


Jenn said...

Children's Hospitals think of everything, don't they? McKenna's (the future Mrs. Kouper Kneupper) pediatrician isn't half as cool as the children's hospital.

I'm glad they put the hat on George!

My fingers are crossed that it was just a one shot deal, Koup!

The Trost's said...

So glad it went well! I will continue to pray that you never have to go through that again.

Jessica said...

Koup, you are the strongest kid I know! I tell you...I'm a big, big baby and you have been through so much more than I ever have.

I will be thinking about you ALWAYS!

Maria Claudia said...

We're so proud of you Kouper!

Kristin Kneupper said...

Thanks so much everyone!