Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This nugget...

This little guy is rapidly approaching 8 months! Holy cow, where has the time gone?? He is skooching, rolling and flopping everywhere!! He's not officially crawling yet (maybe could be considered commando crawling?!), but he sure gets where he wants to get! I'm not exactly loving this... he's getting a hold of some of my toys now, so that's going to take some adjusting! He does NOT like to eat anything other than mommy's milk. We try every day, but as soon as it gets in his mouth he spits it right out. He also knows how to clench that little jaw down pretty tight! We're not worried though because clearly he's getting enough nutrients to grow! Mom and dad are thinking of sticking him my room at night with me. I'm not sure if that's a good idea, but I kind think that my opinion won't rule. He's still sleeping in his co-sleeper in mommy an daddy's room... but he can't stay there forever!
I'm trying to convince them that I'll just sleep with Kylar in their room, but they're not going for it! Mommy says no way Jose... but look how cute we'd be!!!


Chelsea Lietz said...

yeah... good luck with this! You never know... him not smelling you might make Ky sleep longer. And then you'd sleep better, too! Kouper will adjust! :-)

Maria Claudia said...

I'm glad the co-sleeper is getting some good use :)

They are too cute!