Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Persistence pays off!


Jessica said...

haha! That's awesome!!!

Lauren Lea Warren said...

So freakin' cute! He's a cool kid!

Jenn said...

Kouper, I'm fairly certain that there's NOT ANOTHER LITTLE BOY on this planet (who isn't related to me) that I love as much as you. I want to keep you forever and ever! I'll have to buy some blue things and boy toys to keep you around though!

I'm so glad you had a great birthday and I'm really sorry McKenna was stealing all of your present opening thunder. She's a control freak slash only child who doesn't understand that all presents aren't hers. You'll learn to deal with it when you are married to her, I promise.

Love you so much,
Your Aunt for now, but future Mother-In-Law,