Thursday, February 10, 2011

RARE: Texas Snow Day!

Even a dash of snow is news worthy here in south Texas! Our neighboring big city of San Antonio was shut down and we were out of school for the day! I had a great time in the snow with my big bubba Kayson. We played out there and then came in for hot cocoa and s'mores! I wish every day could be a snow day!

My baby brother was still a bit sick so we only let him play for a couple of minutes. He's much better now. He had RSV and it was really brutal plus double ear infections! I'm so glad that we're both feeling much better now. Kylar even had to get chest x-rays because the doctor suspected pneumonia (his oxygen levels were low for a couple of days). Combined we had 6 visits to the doctor in about a week. We're thankful that he didn't have pneumonia and we're both almost back to normal! YAY!


Lauren Lea Warren said...

Even more proof that your mommy is superwoman!!

Jessica said...

how fun! I wish we had some snow! Glad little K is getting better! :) I can't believe how BIG you are getting!