Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I have copied this post from our youth director Jessica... another Jessica (the designer of my blog, is in need of prayers for her father, Scott)...

Dear Heavenly Father -

Please watch over Scott and give him the strength that he needs to fight off this infection. Please allow his body to rest and rebuild. Please watch over his Doctors and Nurses and give them the wisdom to figure out exactly what is causing him to be ill. Please continue to give Jessica the strength that she needs to be the light for her family. She is such an amazing young woman and I know she is getting her strength from you. Give her peace and let her feel your warm embrace.


My friends, please pray for my sweet friend Jessica and her family. Pray this prayer or your own, but just lift them up in your prayers. Right now her father is stable, but in a medically induced coma so that his body and rest and gain strength. We are praying for his white blood cell count to increase because his count is so low. We are praising God that his blood pressure and oxygen levels have stabilized.

Thank you.