Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yes, we're still here!

Back in May we went to the coast for a fun-filled weekend with my Papa and Pama. This was my first trip to the beach, but my brother has been there a few times. We went to celebrate Pama's birthday and Mother's Day and stayed at Port Royal in Port Aransas, TX. We didn't spend much time at the beach because of the high winds... but I loved every minute of it! I was not afraid of anything there... not the plethora of sand nor the huge ocean before me! We spent a lot time at the enormous pool and it was super fun. Kayson didn't want to ever leave. While we were down there I tried fish for the first time, and loved it! We ate at a place called Snoopy's and then for dessert we ate next door at an ice cream place called Scoopy's! Silly, huh? The following evening we had lasagna in our condo in celebration of Pama's birthday and then had delicious lemon cake for dessert. Kayson and Phillip went out and hunted crabs at night and caught a few, hopefully when I'm bigger I'll get to go hunting too! The only downfall (according to my parents) was that I didn't sleep very well! I decided to wake up at about 3:30 or 4 both nights. Gees mom and dad I was just excited! But it was a super fun weekend anyway!


Maria Claudia said...

That was so much fun! We'll have to plan a trip back there together soon!

C and C Mommy said...

Cheney & Chandler love the beach too!!

Chelsea Lietz said...

so cute!!!