Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tomorrow I'll be a big brother!

Mommy and daddy keep telling me that we'll soon have a baby here at home. I know what a baby is, but I am not sure what to expect when we have our very own! It will be a journey for the Kneupper household, and we're excited to take it!

Tomorrow, mommy and daddy will head to the hospital to have Kylar! We're very, very excited!

These are some photos of mommy with Kylar still in her belly that our good friend Chelsea Kate Lietz took on Tuesday night. Mommy and daddy are just in love the pics and are so happy that they've got such a talented photographer/friend! They were taken at my Great-grandma and Popo's house. The red building was their original home, built in 1905 and my nana lived in this house too! Isn't that neat!?

Thank you Chels, you're the best, and great to work with!!!

Children too are a gift from the LORD, the fruit of the womb, a reward.” – Psalm 127:3


Ian Nicklaus Crume said...

Early congrats to the whole family! Kouper, your mommy looks great! Super good pics! Happy birthin'!

3 dogs and a baby said...

Wow, Kouper, that's exciting news! Your mom looks so pretty, as always. I hope you have fun with your new baby brother!!

The Trost's said...

Woohoo! How exciting! I will be saying some prayers for your mommy and new baby brother.

Jessica said...

wow Kouper, your Mommy is beautiful!! :) I can't believe you are about to be a BIG brother! Praying for you guys!