Tuesday, December 29, 2009

'Tis the season!

We had an unbelievable Christmas! Kylar was baby Jesus an Kayson was a Shepard in our church Christmas program, which really got our family into the spirit of the holiday. Kayson sang beautifully and Kylar was a perfect baby! Our friends Chelsea, Skip and Lauren all made it for Kylar's acting debut too!

Christmas Eve we all attended the candle light service and I was such a good boy (my dada even said so!). Two of my uncles, Bret and Todd, joined us too.

After that we went to my great-grandparents house. We always have tamales and then open gifts. My Papa and Nana got me a Radio Flyer big wheel, some puzzles, books, Legos, camo clothes and lots more great stuff. Of course I've been a complete angel over the last year and deserve everything I got! My silly mom didn't take a single picture, I'm hoping that one of my relatives got some good shots!

Christmas morning we went to my PawPaw and MeMe's house in New Braunfels. We all got more fabulous gifts there and then ate a wonderful lunch. I had fun playing with my cousins Audry and Ella and of course my big brother Kayson. Kayson got an awesome nerf gun and had a great time playing with that.

Then the next morning we went to my Paw Paw and Paw Maw's to open gifts and eat more great food. My uncles took me outside and played with me for a long time and that was special because I don't get to see them very often. Then that evening we all looked at slides from when my mommy was young and ate our traditional crackers, cheese and marshmallows. (You gotta try it sometime!)

We are so blessed to be able to see so much of our family! I hope that all of your Christmases were wonderful too!


Jessica said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous Christmas, but be sure to point out to Mommy that she forgot to label ME in the Christmas picture! :)

K? Thanks!

Jessica said...

how awesome!! looks like you guys had a very Merry Christmas!! Thanks for the card....I miss you guys TONS too! :(

Chelsea Lietz said...

love you guys!