Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Turkey-rrific Thanksgiving!

We were fortunate enough this year to have two Thanksgivings! On Thursday we went to my Meme and Popo's in New Braunfels. The food was great and we had TONS of desserts. I had fun with my cousins, we played a lot. I got my first taste of chocolate over the holiday too, and I loved it! Mommy thinks that will be a good bribe when potty training begins, just might work!

Kayson and I helped mommy with her baking and got to lick the spatulas, yummo! I even was brave enough (for about 2 seconds) to sit on my great-popo's horse. Next time I might stay on a bit longer, but she is BIG so I was a little nervous. Overall we realized once again that we've got so much to be thankful for. Now it's time to get ready for Christmas!


Jessica said...

I'm so glad that you guys had a great Thanksgiving - everyone is all smiles and looks so happy!

P.S. Tell Mommy she should bribe you with M&Ms like the Gosselins. I always thought that was so cute!

Jessica said...

looks like you guys had fun! :)

Lauren Lea Warren said...

OH my goodness, you got some great photos on Thanksgiving! Those boys of yours are getting soooo big and grown up. I can't believe that Kylar has so much going on in that face of his already!

You are blessed mother and wife. I admire your strength and energy to handle your houseful, haha. Look forward to seeing you again soon!