Monday, July 26, 2010


Kylar has 3 teeth now! One on top and two on the bottom. He is gonna catch up with me before too long!

Mama and dada wanted me to tell you that I'm doing a great job in my toddler bed!  Naps are a little more difficult for me because it's light outside and I wanna play, but I'm learning!

I am just loving that Kylar gets to sleep in my room with me! Sometimes we play a little, but I don't get away with it for too long because Mama and dada have a video monitor hooked up so they know exactly what we're up to!  Not cool.

Now I just gotta see if Kayson can share with us too and we'd all be together. Too bad his bedtime is later than ours!  Man I bet he'd figure out how to turn that camera off! I'll have to work on getting him in here too!  Oh the fun we'd have!


Ian Nicklaus Crume said...

So cute! I love those "new teeth" smiles!

The Trost's said...

Love the teeth picture! Kouper will be figuring out how to turn off the monitor before long.

Sean Butcher said...

The photo totally shows the baby's happiness! His teeth must've developed by now, right? It's been a year already. Soon enough he will experience losing them all. Don't worry, 'cause his permanent teeth will replace them. And oh, he's about to receive gifts from the tooth fairy too! Hehe... The tooth fairy has to come prepared... :D