Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thank you TARGET!

I had an appointment today in San Antonio with the wonderful Mr. Wenske. He enlarged and polished my prosthetic eye. Because my eye is so special and so is Mr. Wenske (my ocularist), he takes a long time to get it just right. So... we had some time to kill! We were hungry and mom needed a few things so we went to Super Target (mom's favorite).

First we ate lunch in the snack bar, it was delish! I got mac and cheese with apples. Mom says she owes Target a big thank you for having healthy food options, on the cheap! Before today I wouldn't eat apples so she is sooo excited! We were so impressed with all the choices they had in their snack bar!

The grocery side of their store is impressive too... put's our little HEB to shame. Oh how mommy wishes we would get a Super Target ... or a Central Market... or Whole Foods... but for now I'll just make her happy by eating my apples!

(Mr. Wenske, mamma and dadda were all so proud of me for being such a big boy when he took out my eye and put it back!)

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