Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I hear ya!

I did really well today! We were at Santa Rosa Children's Hospital in San Antonio, where they had lots of toys/activities for kids in the waiting room. I did enjoy playing for a while before I was called back.

When they called us to a room, the fun began. I completely refused to have my blood pressure taken (as usual). I did let the doctors listen to my heart and with lots of assistance and I even let them take my oxygen saturation (sorta!). The worst part of the whole day was when the nurse attempted to get my blood pressure. I'm not fond of being held down at all, and I'm not shy about expressing that!

The anesthesiologist was very nice, as were all of the nurses and the audiologist.  My papa stayed with me until I was masked and passed out. Mama hates seeing me go under anesthesia, so I was thankful that my papa hung out with me! (I did get an IV, but not until I was completely out! (Score!))

By the time my mama got back to the recovery room I had stuffed my mouth full of animal crackers and was pretty happy, but groggy. I polished off that bag of animal crackers, had a cup of juice and then moved on to a bag of gold fish. I was starving people!

Half an hour later and we were out of there!

My little brother Kylar was a trooper all day too. (He's learning from the best!)

Great news is that my hearing is perfect.  And my speech is getting better every day.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers!


Maria Claudia said...

that's good news! love ya!

Cre8tive Mocha said...

He is such a cutie pie! I pray he continues to do well!