Sunday, February 3, 2008

The latest...

On Thursday my mommy, daddy and I went to see Mr. Wenske. He took out the conformer that was in my eye socket and put in a new, larger one. It wasn't so bad for him to take it out, but putting the new one in wasn't so fun. Daddy had to hold my arms down while it was put in. I certainly let everyone know that I was NOT happy. Good thing that Mr. Wenske is a good ocularist because he was pretty quick. There was a tad of blood, but I was a trooper. He said that everything was expanding just the way he wants, even better than expected! One concern he does have is that the edges of my eyelids turn in a bit. He said that I am going to be a challenge, but we'll all work together and will have a great outcome. Oohh and on a sad note, my mommy lost her camera. We had some great pictures of me at the doctor's office, but they are on the camera. Hopefully it will show up soon! So my mommy put up these silly bath time pics for your enjoyment! I'm a little buda these days!

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