Monday, March 10, 2008

Friday Night - Game Night

This is mommy talking...
Okay so Friday night we decided it would be fun to play some board games. We started out with Mouse Trap (I had forgotten how fun it was!)... So we settle down to play and Kayson asks me ... "Mom did you play this when you were little?" I answered back "yes, I sure did". Then he says "was it a little different version (he says virgin!!) when you played it"? I said "yeah, it was a little different". Then he says... "was it done in black and white?" Ha! Black and white... where does he come up with these things?!? Naturally I shoot a glare at Phillip and he says that he had nothing to do with it! Kids say the darndest things!

Anyway it was great and Kayson seemed to dominate all of the games we played... Mouse Trap, Brain Quest and Trouble. He may not turn out to be an athlete, but he's got brains (and good looks too!). It was a great night.

I have to share my excitement with you... yesterday I went grocery shopping (with no kids!!) armed with a fist full of coupons.... and was so thrilled to see that by using those coupons I knocked a whopping $21.37 off of our bill! I love it! It's like free money! Sorry... had to share! (Thank you grandma and Linda for sharing your coupon stash with me!)

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Chelsea Kane Lietz said...

You are so cute!