Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rough day... but I'm super duper tough!

Yesterday I went to see my pediatrician and I had to get four shots. Mommy said that it's better than getting really really sick, but I don't know if she is right. It hurt really badly. I screamed very loud just to make sure everyone knew that I was NOT happy. Then mommy and I went to have lunch with Nana and I was such a good boy. All of her friends thought I was so cute! Next we picked up daddy and headed to San Antonio to get my fifth conformer. This time Mr. Wenske painted it to look more like a real eye! It's hard to see though because I still need to do some expanding. I will have this one for a whole month, so maybe as time goes on you'll be able to see it better. It was not fun at all when it was inserted. Mr. Wenske wanted to make it as big as possible so it was pretty tough to get in place. We finally got it on the third try. And so for the rest of the day I made sure that someone was holding me every second... I just needed some extra loving.

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Anonymous said...

what a trooper! He's so cute :)
Maria Claudia