Friday, March 21, 2008

Kickin' Hiney... takin' names

Yep that's right! I have been doing super great with my conformers. Yesterday I got conformer #5, and get this... I didn't even cry! I'm getting used to this, since we do it so often. My daddy couldn't go with me so my cousin Kristie stepped in for him. My mommy told her that I would scream and cry when Mr. Wenske switched out my conformers, and I didn't at all. The "handle" on my new conformer is much narrower, this will allow me to practice blinking. I am going to be getting yet another new conformer on Tuesday. Mr. Wenske works all over Texas and he'll be helping other people for a few weeks so he wanted me to keep progressing. AND he said that I MIGHT be getting the derma fat transfer sooner than we thought... so we'll see how this all unfolds. (Thank you Aunt D'Laine & Uncle Victor for the cool shirt I'm sportin' in these picks!)

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