Sunday, June 1, 2008


My test went just fine on Friday. It wasn't the funnest thing I've ever done, but I was definitely a good boy. I cried, but I bet you would too if you had to get a catheter in your private spot! It was really neat because the same pediatric radiologist from Friday's test also did the procedure while I was still in the NICU back in November. He remembered me and said I was a good boy back then too. He was very nice and took great care of me. It only took about 15 minutes. After we did that we left the hospital and went to Dr. Bartholomew's office. He was shocked at how much growing that I've been doing. He is also so nice to me and explains everything so well to my mommy and daddy. The best news of the day is that I don't have to take my antibiotic medication any more!! It is so yucky and I used to scream with every singel dose! I am medicine free, finally! The VCUG test showed that I don't have any reflux which is great. It also showed that I have a ureteral seal and diverticulum of the bladder (which we already knew). Both of which aren't currently causing any problems. I may have to have surgery to correct these one day, but not today! Dr. B. wants me to have another renal scan and VCUG done in September to see how things are at that point with both my bladder and kidney. So today was another positive day for me! The best part is that my papa and pama are back home safe and sound. They're a little bit thinner than they were before they left, but doing great! They are excited to eat some yummy, fattening American food and get lots of Kouper time! Love that!
(In the photos above you'll see that my daddy (and mommy not pictured) had to wear these heavy aprons to protect them from the x-ray. You can hardly see in the bottom photo, but it is my bladder we saw the dye going in and out of it.)

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Chelsea Kane Lietz said...

Good job Kouper, so brave! Thanks for coming to see me at the ranch. I had fun playing with you and Kayson, so please come visit again soon!