Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Weekend fun at the Kane/Lietz Diamante Ranch!

On Sunday we went to Bulverde to visit Chelsea and her family. It was a beautful drive and a beautiful ranch. We got to see a Zedonk! What's a Zedonk you ask? Well it's half donkey and half zebra of course. Now that's not something you see everyday. She was very friendly and patient with all of the kiddos. My brother had a blast running around, jumping on the trampoline, eating yummy food and swimming with all of the other boys and girls. I got spoiled the whole time. I was held by lots of people and given tons of attention. I didn't need toys they had fun stuff like an empty water bottle, picnic pack and even a (closed) pack of cigarettes that kept me occupied for a long time. I also got to bounce around on the swingset in a johnny jumper. I was pretty pooped (so was Kayson!) when we left, but it was a wonderful time. Thank you Chelsea, Skip and Mr. & Mrs. Kane!

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Chelsea Lietz said...

Great pics!!! Come again soon!