Thursday, June 19, 2008

Out of Africa... thank goodness!

Well my papa and pama are finally home and we've spent some quality time together. We had the pleasure of having them over for dinner on Monday (a belated father's day dinner). They fed me some nummy sweet taters and rice... and then we they got to eat their adult food on the back porch. Man I wish it wasn't so hot outside, because I'd be out there all the time. I like nothing more than to be in my swing. The good news is that mommy and daddy got a fan and they still let me swing out there with it pointing on me. It feels kinda funny because my hair blows, but I love it. Oh back to papa and pama. I am getting to know them again since they were gone so long, and it's all coming back to me quickly. I missed them so much. I am so glad that they are home safe and sound, I love you!

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