Thursday, November 6, 2008


Okay so we've been here at the new house for about a month and a half. Let me just tell you we are loving the country life! It's so quiet out here (well when our neighbor isn't shooting skunks) (or our other neighbors aren't having target practice), but seriously for the most part it's peaceful and quiet. My room is painted but not completely done yet. There are officially no more white walls in our house, yay! My daddy has put up a lot of crown molding and it's all starting to come together. We feed the deer every night and it's just great.

Oh yeah the critters... I just wanted to give you guys a little taste of creatures that we've seen since we've been here, so here goes!
*black widow
*scorpions (quite a few, inside and out!)
*coach whip snake
*foxes (they visit our front yard almost every night!)
*cows of course and longhorns
*walking sticks
And I'm sure we've just begun!


Jessica said...

yikes, I don't know about all those spiders!! YAY for no white walls!!!

Jessica said...

I live in the country too, Kouper. My two least favorite critters: scorpions & snakes. YUCK!

The Trost's said...

I would be up on a chair at all times to get away from the creepy crawlies on the floor. Can you tell I live in the city?

Nadine said...

Thanks for visiting our blog! Our little girl is such a blessing to us- and I love sharing via the blog! Your blog and family's story is very inspirational. Thanks for sharing your story with others!

Chelsea and Skip Lietz said...

yikes Koup, be careful! At our place we have had unwelcome visits from what we think is coyotes but MIGHT be a moutain lion! ON MY!