Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend adventure!

This weekend we went to Ink's Lake. Daddy took off work on Friday so we picked up Kayson from school and we were off! We sure picked a cold weekend to camp, but we kinda cheated and stayed in a cabin (thank goodness!). We got there about dinner time so daddy made us sausage wraps. Well I ate some macaroni, but the sausage wraps sure looked good. My silly mommy forgot my play pen so they made me a little palette on the floor. We planned on going out on the lake the next day to fish and ride paddle boats, but it was way too windy. In the morning daddy cooked us a yummy breakfast on the fire. While it was cooking we saw a few deer near our campsite. They were not afraid of us so they must come around often. After breakfast we made smores. I only got to eat the graham crackers but it was fun anyway. While we were cleaning up we discovered a raccoon in the dumpster, isn't she cute? We checked out of our cabin and then we went on a nature walk. We were a bit chilly so next we wanted check out Longhorn Cavern. I wasn't too fond of the darkness, but everyone else seemed to like it. Overall it was a lot of fun and I look forward to going camping again!


Jessica said...

Kouper! Your weekend adventure sounds like it was SUPER fun! Camping would be GREAT, but Mom & Dad probably made a good choice about the cabin, not a tent! The little racoon is adorable!

The Trost's said...

Looks like you had a great time and thank goodness for cabins! I remember camping at Inks Lake when I was about your big brother's age.