Sunday, March 1, 2009


On Thursday I had two appointments in SA. The first was with my nephrologist. She reviewed my renal scan and said that my solitary kidney was functioning great. She tried to take my blood pressure as you can see above, but I was so not having it! She is a bit concerned that I haven't grown in quite a while. She wants me to follow up with a couple of other doctors to check things out. So we'll see how that goes. Next I was off to see Mr. Wenske. I am getting a new larger conformer on March 10 when I'll be put under anesthesia. Mr. Wenske needed to take out my current conformer to make a mold of it so he can make my new one. Daddy, mommy, Connie and Mr. Wenske all had to hold me down to get it out and when it was out this is what my hair looked like! Pretty crazy huh? The great news is that he put my conformer back in my eye on his first try! We were all so thrilled!

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