Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Extreme Makeover, Blog edition!

Okay guys so what do you think of my new blog design?! I love it! My friend Jessica over at This That and Your Blog did it just for me! I feel so special! But, never fear she can do one for you too! She is really super great to work with (didn't mind when my mama asked a gazillion questions) and her prices are way beyond reasonable! And get this, she taught herself how to do it! Amazing, huh? She is a really cool college student who goes to our church and runs the youth program at the church on Wednesday evenings where my brother Kayson goes, it's called Kids of the Kingdom. You can read all about her adventures on her personal blog at This That and My Blog. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jessica!! You rock!


Jessica said...

I'm SO glad that you love it, Kouper!

Jessica said...

your blog looks great Kouper! It's almost as cute as you.