Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME! #2

Today I celebrate two years of life! What a crazy and wonderful two years it has been! We've come a long way baby! I celebrated yesterday with a lot of my relatives. My family cannot sing very well so I had to cover my ears when they sang happy birthday to me, ha! But I did enjoy eating my monkey cake and banana pudding (as you can see!). I got lots of great toys and for the first time loved opening them. I also had a blast chasing my birthday balloons around the house! What a true blessing it is to be two!


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Kouper! I can't believe you are TWO!!! That's a super cute cake you have there too, yum! I can't believe they sang so bad that you had to cover your ears! You might have to get your family some voice lessons!

Chelsea Lietz said...

so sweet! I can't believe you are growing so quickly. happy b-day Koup!

Cole said...

Happy birthday, Kouper! My family can't sing either, so they chant the "you look like a monkey" version of the birthday song at me. When you get just a little bigger and can keep up with me, we'll have to get together sometime!