Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kayson's crazy dragon!

Kayson had another school project, and he rocked it! His assignment was to use recycled items and design (and build) something creative and useful. He decided to build a dragon that dispenses peanuts. So with mommy's help they did just that. Isn't it awesome? The best part is that it actually works. You drop a peanut in the back of his neck and it slides down to a box in the dragon's belly. The box has a string attached and you pull the string to get out your tasty little snack. He received the "Most Creative" award for his artwork. We are over the moon proud of him! Way to go Kayson!!

He also received his awards this past week for Perfect Attendance and More A's than B's. To top it all off he has read over 350,000 words for the Accelerated Reader program (at a 5th grade level!) to boot. Keep up the great work big bro!


Cole said...

My mom always worries when I bite the dust that I'm going to damage the sidewalk/driveway/floor/table (whatever my head hits). She says my head is so hard she doesn't worry about it at all!

Cole said...

oops that was supposed to be a comment on Kouper's boo-boo post.

Jenn said...

Kouper, your big brother is SO creative! Your Auntie J misses you boys and is dyyyyyying to hold that new baby brother of yours! The holiday's are around the corner, so tell your mommy and my princess to expect a random door knock sometime soon! I know we'll be in your town on Sunday for an early Thanksgiving at McKenna's Opa's house!