Friday, November 6, 2009

Kudos Kayson!

Wow! I am so excited about my big brother's latest accomplishments! First of all he got one B (an 89!) and the rest all A's for his first nine weeks report card! Isn't that fantastic!? We are so very proud of him.

And as if that isn't wonderful enough, he won a school-wide art contest! His school held a contest recently and the winner's artwork will be the cover of the yearbook. There was one winner from each grade level and then one big overall winner. Friday monring all of the winners were announced and the big grand prize winner was KAYSON! That's right, his gorgeous drawing is going to be published for all to see! The whole class erupted in cheers when his name was read during morning announcements. It was such big news that his teacher called mommy on the spot and let Kayson share the news with us himself. I sure hope that someday I can follow in his footsteps.

Way to go bro!

Oh and how could I forget to mention his awesome echidna project? A couple of weeks ago Kayson did a life cycle project on echidnas. Before his project we didn't even know what an echidna was, but now we know a lot about the little critters. The model he made took over 750 toothpicks that Kayson put in one by one. He worked very hard on this and we think it turned out great!


Jessica said...

WOW!!!! That is AWESOME!! Way to go Kayson!!!!

Maria Claudia said...

So proud of you Kayson!!!