Friday, January 8, 2010

Any suggestions?!

So, I'm supposed to be wearing glasses full time. I don't have vision problems per se, but since I only have one eye it needs to be protected. First of all they're not all that cute. Well, I make anything pretty much adorable, but still! Secondly how the heck do you keep these things on? They have an elastic band, but I see thru that easily. Mama put them on me this morning and I just don't like them. Any other lucky kiddos out there who wear these? How do your mamas keep them on you? Help!


Jessica said...

duck tape.


Karen said...

My son H is exactly one year older then K and has been wearing glasses since he was 7 months old. He has a pair of brown wire rims made by Fischer Price, they have a plastic nose bridge that help keep the frames up on his nose and rounded metal cable temples, the part that go over the ear, they wrap around the back of the ear and are fabulous, I think they actually help keep the glasses on. An optical shop that specializes in kids should be able to find it for you if you are interested in checking them out.

I insist on H wearing his glasses outside for play. He knows they need to stay on playing outside. When we are inside and he is not rough housing I'm fine with him taking them off. I don't make a big deal out of occasional breaks. He tends to go in cycles of wearing them a lot then not wanting to wear them.

I've also noticed he takes them off when they get dirty. So I wash them and put them back on. He is only now learning to put them on himself.

Yes it is hard to keep the glasses on when the little one does not want them on. Consistent persistence will hopefully win out. Maybe a reward system?

Once K is older you can look into Rec Specs, the sports glasses that pro basket ball players wear. H is not quite big enough yet, but I plan on getting him a pair especially once he is in school and in gym class.

Good luck. K is getting so big!

Cole said...

I think they're cool, Koup! You should wear them!

The Trost's said...

Sorry, no suggestions but just wanted to wish you good luck!

Anonymous said...

My son is 15 months old and we have the same glasses for him (for protection of sighted eye due to microphthalmia of left eye). This is a big struggle for us too. When I saw Kouper's pictures with his glasses I can totally relate. Usually my son just rips them off and throws them down. I can really relate to this!
Jennifer in Ft. Myers, FL

Kristin Kneupper said...

Karen, Thank you!! I think the outside thing is a great idea!!! Kouper is MUCH more rough outside as well. I like those FP frames too, they're much less obtrusive. I would LOVE to have access to your blog too!

Jennifer, thanks for your input as well... it's so nice knowing we're not the only ones struggling with this!