Friday, January 8, 2010

Hook 'em!

Well our Horns didn't pull it off, as I'm sure you all know. They sure gave it a fight though! If Colt wouldn't have gotten injured I think we would be the National Champions. But, he did get hurt and that's that. However... I am pretty sure that our coach, Mack Brown, and our injured quarterback, Colt McCoy, are two of the biggest class acts in college football. I guarantee you that if the Horns would have been victorious, the first thing out of Mack's mouth would have been nothing but praise for the Alabama team. The Crimson Tide coach didn't even mention the Longhorns nor the injured opponent during his acceptance speech. Colt spoke with such maturity and grace and gave God the glory. His faith is unshakable and that made my mama cry. I'm still super proud to be a Texas Longhorn fan and we'll be back next year no doubt!

(Oh, and it's not fair that I had to go to bed before the game was over and my little brother Kylar got to stay up!)

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