Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's game day baby!

First and foremost, let's go Texas! Hook 'em horns! We are fired up and ready for the game tonight! Kayson is wearing his horns shirt today too, but we didn't get a picture of him.

Secondly we went to San Antonio today to see our fabulous ocularist, Mr. Wenske. My eye has been hurting me for a while and so we decided to get it checked out. Good thing is that there is no infection, woo hoo! Mr. Wenske shaved a little bit off of my prosthetic and then game me some lubricating drops and we're hopeful that will do the trick! The best part about the whole thing is that I am starting to get used to having my eye taken in and out. I was such a good boy today. I still screamed a bit, but for the most part I cooperated. Mommy was SOOOO happy about this.

We're staying inside today, close to the fire. Hope your are all staying warm too.

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