Friday, August 8, 2008

Fun in Arkansas!

We had our first long-distance adventure this past weekend. My mommy, Kayson and papa and pamaw loaded up in the Neon, YES Neon and drove to Arkansas. It was a 12-hour drive, and I was a great boy and so was Kayson! I sure missed my daddy though. While we were there I got to sit in a John Deere tractor, on a Harley and I saw my great grandparents' farm for the first time. Kayson had a blast with our cousin Cameron. He is one year older that Kayson, and he showed him the ropes of country living. They got to ride the 4-wheeler and even drive a car. (Don't worry it was on the farm, not on the streets!) We got to be spoiled by our Aunt Mary & Uncle Charles. And we saw our Aunt Shirley and cousins Curtis and Clay too. It was a lot of fun, next time I'm riding the 4-wheeler too! Thank you so much for the great hospitality Aunt Mary and Uncle Charles, everything was perfect!