Monday, August 25, 2008

Yes mom, you need to use the straps!

My mom thought that she didn't need to strap me in my high chair... well look what happened when she didn't! Hopefully I taught her a lesson!
My mom and daddy signed a contract on a new house! They are going to close on September 12... same day that they're closing on our current house. They seem to be a bit stressed out about that, but I don't think it's a big deal. We are moving out into the country. I am so excited! We will now have an acre and a half to play on. There are even big cows that travel right passed our back yard. I wish we were already all moved in, but it will be here soon enough!


BeickerFamily said...

Wow super exciting about the new house!!! Keeping my fingers crossed that it all goes smooth!!

Anonymous said...

He's a wiggle worm! What's up with the sharpie? Is he signing autographs? Hee hee! Congrats on the house!!! When's the party?
Cha Cha

Debie said...

Yeah! Congrats on getting a house, and what perfect day to close - it's Carter's 1st birthday! Good luck with the move, it sucks but it won't be long until you're in your new home. Send details!