Thursday, August 28, 2008

Still kickin' butt!

I got my umpteenth conformer yesterday. I actually have lost count! All I know is that I am making some serious progress on my eye socket. When we started with Mr. Wenske the opening to my left eye was probably about 2 centimeters. Now it's very close to being the same as my right eye. What Mr. Wenske has done for me so far is truly amazing. And to think that "they" said that we just couldn't do ANYTHING until I was older! Thank goodness I knew better. Just a reminder to everyone who is reading this, anything is possible! Don't give up just because one or two or even 10 people say that it can't be done! A lot of faith and persistence will get you a long way! (And a great ocularist of course!)

Even though I cry a lot when Mr. Wenske is taking out my old conformers and putting in my new ones, I know it's for the best. I always like to smile at him after we're done and yesterday I even game him a squeeze. I sure hope that he realizes how much I appreciate him! He rocks!

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Lauren Lea Warren said...

You Rock Kouper! what a champ!