Sunday, September 13, 2009

Still Cookin' and Lookin' Good!

Yep, that's right, Kylar is doing great! He has officially been released from his high-risk doctor, and we couldn't be happier. The ultrasound shot above is a profile picture of him looking straight up. We think he's going to look a lot like me, but only time will tell. Mommy and daddy have been getting out all of my baby stuff washing it and getting it all ready for Kylar's arrival. I recently learned the sign for baby and have been practicing it a lot. Kayson and I are so excited to meet him!

One of the items we've gotten washed and ready is my old infant carseat and it sure makes a great lounge chair! I'm not sure I'll give it up when my little bro gets here... guess I'll have to!

Can you believe he'll be here in 3 weeks (or less!)? We're hoping that he does NOT decide to make his debut early, but if he does, we'll be ready(ish).

Tomorrow (Monday) I have an appointment with my eye surgeon to go over my MRI results. I just know she is going to be blown away with all of the progress that I've made. After my results are seen by the doctor we should have a better idea of what direction we can go in to improve my eye even more.

Friday night my Papa, Nana and my great-grandpa Popo came over to see us. They brought us pizza and it was a very fun night. We ate and played a lot and then I was pooped. No you're eyes are NOT deceiving you... that's really me lying still with Nana on my parents' bed! It was way past my bedtime so that probably explains it, but it was so fun watching Curious George with her. Thank you guys so much for coming over!

Over the weekend we were thrilled to watch our Texas Longhorns and Dallas Cowboys both win!! We love football season! Hook'Em Horns!!! Go Cowboys!


Ian Nicklaus Crume said...

Wow Kouper...
We can't believe you are going to be a big brother that soon! Where has the time gone? We know you'll be a great one!

Chelsea Lietz said...

Kouper, I think you get cuter everyday.

Cole said...

Three weeks??? Jeepers! Can't wait to see the little guy!