Monday, September 28, 2009

Mama! I said Mama!

Yep, I'm 22 months old, and it's a little late, but who cares, I said MAMA! My mommy is over the moon because of it! I am calling Kayson, Bubba and daddy, Dada too! Before, everyone was Dada, but I think I've got it down now (most of the time). My mommy says there is nothing sweeter than hearing her baby say "mama". I'm also saying a couple of other words regularly. Currently I say ball and bowl (they sound the same, but I know which is which) star (sounds like Homer Simpson saying Doh!) hot and hat (sound the same, but I know the difference) and boo for cows (so close to moo!). Mama, dada and bubba are so proud of me!

I'm also becoming quite the climber. I think it's super fun, but mama and dada get a bit nervous. I'm very tough too, they think it's a dangerous combination! It's actually just my little plot to make sure they're watching me every second of the day!
I am still using all of my sign language and it really helps me communicate with my family.

We are thrilled that our Texas Longhorns won again this weekend and look forward to the Dallas Cowboys winning tonight too!

Mama took this picture of dad and me the other day chillin' on the couch. She says that my dada is so handsome!

Toodles for now, have a great Monday!


Jessica said...

YAY for Mama!! What an exciting moment! :)

Kristin said...

OH NO. Am I going to have to wait another seven months? Sigh.