Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dada, why are you ignoring me?!

A couple of days ago Papa went with mommy and me to a couple of doctor appointments in San Antonio (early in the morning). First on the agenda was mommy's doctor for Kylar. Once we walked in the waiting room I realized that I'd been there before and I actually kind of like it. They have a kid-sized table, a cool fish tank and some Legos to keep me occupied. I was pretty hungry when we got there so I sat at the table and ate my breakfast, while Mommy and Papa looked on. The waiting room quickly filled up and here's were the jokester in me comes out. Another woman with a big belly came in with her significant other, and they sat down across the room from us. (At this point the waiting room was probably 1/2 - 3/4 full.) All of a sudden I jumped up, walked toward the man sitting across from us and yelled "DADA". Mommy and Papa quickly told me that it was not in fact my dada... but I was sure it was him, he had blond hair and everything! "Dada" I yelled again and again and again, but he did NOT answer me, he kinda laughed and for some reason everyone else in the waiting room chuckled too. I probably said it about 10 times or so, why was he just sitting there? Why didn't he come pick me up? He kept on laughing finally he said "kiddo you're going to get me in trouble", and oh my, that made everyone REALLY laugh. I'm not exactly sure what was so funny there, but I finally realized that it was NOT my daddy.

It didn't take too long for mommy to get finished up with the doctor and then we were on our way to the next stop. We had a bit of time to kill so we decided to have brunch at IHOP. I was a very good boy at the restaurant, but when we left it was raining. I have not seen rain too many times in my lifetime, so I'm not used to it and I don't like it one bit. As mommy drove I tried to cover my eyes and make it go away, but it kept on raining harder and harder. The rain was coming down so hard that we had to drive slowly in order to stay as safe as we could. It was still pouring when we got to Mr. Wenske's office and we tried to wait it out, but it did not let up so we jumped out and made a run for it. Have I told you how great everyone at his office is?? I LOVE them all and I think they love me too! Mr. Wenske came out and greeted me with a bag of toys, and he even let me pick out one to keep! Of course I picked out a ball and that made my day!

After a short wait we went back into the exam room and my prosthetic was removed. This is the not-so-fun part... but I did fine. Connie (Mr. Wenske's assistant) and mommy held me down while it was removed and I'm pretty sure Papa was cringing as I screamed. Once it was out and I was released, I was good to go! Mr. Wenske decided he should add on to my eye and it would take about an hour or so. So we headed to Target to pass the time. The GREAT news is that when we got back Mr. Wenske got my eye back into my socket on the first try!! Woo Hoo! (Sometimes it takes three or four times and that really stinks.) Papa waited in the waiting room while it was put back in, and he was excited to hear all of us cheering when it went in so quickly! Mr. Wenske is the best ocularist in the world! Thank you so much for taking great care of me! Doesn't my eye look fantastic?!

All of our running around made for a long day, but as usual I was a trooper. Thank you Papa for going with us!


Maria Claudia said...

That's hilarious! Kouper, you crack me up!

3 dogs and a baby said...

Kouper, you look so handsome, and your eye looks great! Tell your mom it's been too long since we've seen you guys, and I'm really glad to hear she's doing well!