Monday, September 21, 2009

Kylar's goodies, mama's belly & signing deer!

My little bro isn't even here yet, but he's already being spoiled! Look at all of these gifts that he's already received! Thank you to Chelsea (Longhorn football and adorable camo stuff, Lauren & Angie (organic cookbook, baby food freezing container and snack containers), Holly (Halloween outfits) & D'Laine (blue/brown onesies/pants) for being so sweet!

This is a photo that Kayson took of mommy and her extremely expanded belly on Friday. Can you believe that Kylar will be here in less than two weeks?! We're all looking forward to his arrival.

Mom finally got a picture of me doing the sign for deer (well, one-handed). Daddy and I were watching a hunting show on Sunday, so I did it a lot. I've got it pretty much down pat. If you ask me to do it I'll run to the back door and look for deer while I'm signing it. I've also recently learned the signs for apple, cookie, egg, cracker, flower, shirt and monkey! Nothing is going to slow me down!

On a sad note, our Dallas Cowboys were defeated by the (gag) New York Giants, but I sure looked cute in my Tony Romo jersey! I think if mommy and daddy would have let me stay up for the whole game we would have won! Maybe next time.

Our Texas Longhorns were victorious though, so that made our weekend a bit sweeter!


Jessica said...

Ahhh! Look at your Mommy's baby bump! It's adorable! :)

Chelsea Lietz said...

You are very welcome... can't wait to spoil Kylar some more!

Your bump is adorable. Like I said, your bump is huge... yet SO tiny! You did a great job staying healthy and in good shape for your next little challenge!

Kouper, can't wait to see all your news signs! you are one smart kid.

The Trost's said...

Kristin - you look adorable!!!! I love baby bumps!!!

Jessica said...

Kouper that is so cool that you know so many signs! I hope that you teach them to baby Kyler. I have a feeling he is going to be a cutie just like you....look how good he looks in your Mommies tummy!!! I just wish I could still rub it. :)