Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm one tough cookie!

Friday was my MRI in San Antonio at Methodist Children's Hospital. We had to get up super early (not my mom's favorite thing!), but sometimes you just gotta do it. Daddy got up with us and made sure we had everything we needed and saw us off. We left the house at 6:15 and then picked up Papa and dropped off Kayson so Pama could take him to school.

I was a happy camper all the way to the hospital, mainly because Papa sat in the back seat with me. I enjoyed my Gatorade until 7 a.m., but didn't get a bite of breakfast. Mom thought I was going to be very upset about that, but I did great!

Once we got there I had fun playing with the toys while Mommy and Papa filled out paperwork. Next I was called back to the "prep" area. This is where the fun began. The nice nurses attempted to listen to my heartbeat and take my blood pressure. Whatever readings they got from this were not very accurate because I was screaming and flailing all the while. I made every attempt to escape their grip... but I was not successful. Mommy told them that this was normal behavior for me because my whole life, doctors have been doing things to me and I just don't like it one bit. I think they pretty much gave in and had me change into my hospital gown and let me play with papa. We had fun in the toy kitchen eating a pretend breakfast. They were successful at weighing me and I have gained a tad of weight! I weigh 23 lbs. (with my shoes on!).

It wasn't long before the anesthesiologist came in to go over with us what would happen during the procedure, and she was very nice. We were a little surprised that I would be put under general anesthesia. Mommy thought it would be a lighter sedation, but then they told us that the MRI would take about an hour and a half and it all made sense.

At this point Mommy and Papa carried me to the MRI room and attempted to put me on the exam table. I put up another struggle, but quickly succumbed to the drugs given to me by mask. It was hard for Mommy to watch me fall asleep (she cried!), but papa was there to be her support. One good thing was that they didn't start my IV until I was asleep, praise the Lord for that because it usually takes at least 3 sticks!

While I was under and having my exam Mommy and Papa grabbed a bite to eat and headed to the waiting area. Once I woke up they were by my side to comfort me. I was pretty inconsolable for a while, but a shot of morphine, a Popsicle (my first!) two vanilla puddings and about 30 minutes later I was much better. I could NOT wait for them to remove my IV, oxygen sensor and my identification band. Once that was all done I was good to go. I then got dressed and was escorted out of there. On the drive home I just stared out the window, but was a very good boy. The rest of the day I was a bit loopy and walked kind of funny, but felt pretty good.

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers that helped keep me safe. I believe that prayers really do make a difference and appreciate yours more than you know. There were a lot of other kids there who could use your prayers also. I'm one very lucky boy.

Thank you also papa for being there for us, we love you and appreciate you tons!

On a lighter note, I learned the sign for deer today... daddy is SOOO proud! Hopefully mommy can catch that on her camera one of these days!

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Jessica said...

I am just so incredibly proud of you, Kouper. You continue to amaze me and I just don't know how you do it! You are such a brave little boy and I think about you often! I love you!