Friday, August 28, 2009

My talented brother!

Kayson entered 3 pieces of artwork in a local contest recently. He made a paper maché mask, a clay turtle and a Texas flag mosaic. Two of his entries received accolades! He received a second place honor for his mosaic piece and honorable mention for his mask. Pretty awesome, huh? Last night the Oakwood Art League (they sponsored the contest) held an awards ceremony a local coffee shop. Pama went with mommy and Kayson, while daddy stayed home with me. Kayson's prizes were pretty neato too. He got a voucher for a large pizza and a duffle bag. AND his pieces will be on display for a couple of weeks at the coffee shop, ChiroJava! Not only that, but he was given a yummy cookie and pama got him an Italian soda to boot! I am so proud of him! Hopefully he can teach me his artistic secrets when I'm bigger.

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