Friday, January 11, 2008

Another day, another doctor...

Mommy and daddy took me to San Antonio again! This time we went to a different hospital though, it was called University Hospital. We met with Dr. Fry she is the ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgeon who will be aiding in the process of me receiving my prosthetic eye. The first step that we'll be doing is called EUA (exam under anesthesia). This procedure will take about 2 hours and it will allow her to look inside my eye and get a closer look at everything. The ocularist Mr. Wenske will also be present during this to fit me with my first conformer. (A conformer is a plastic prosthetic, often having a 'peg' or 'stem' to allow them to be easily inserted and removed. Conformers are usually the beginning step (prior to prosthetic eyes) for children with anophthalmia and microphthalmia.) Because of my heart defects, I will have to get clearance from my cardiologist before I can be put under. We already had an appointment with Dr. Patel (my cardiologist) on Monday, Jan. 14 so we will discuss the risks with him then. We also have to meet with the anesthesiologist prior to the procedure to go over things, that will take place on Jan. 17. The surgery will take place on January 24 if all goes as planned. In about 6 months I will probably have some fat taken from my tooshy and that will be put into my eye socket. This will grow with me as I grow and it will allow the prosthetic to be positioned correctly in my eye rather than having it recessed. This process works so well because it's my own fat so there is no chance of rejection. Since I have a small eye the prosthetic will be more of a shell rather than a round traditional eye ball. It is called a scleral shell and it will go over my existing eye and tooshy fat. We don't know yet if I will be able to move the prosthetic eye normally or not, hopefully after my surgery we'll know more.
Oh what fun I'll have scaring the girls when I pop out my eye!

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