Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Doctors, doctors, doctors!

Now that we are home the chaos subsides, right? Nope not so much... it continues. Now my mommy says that we have lots of follow up to do with so many doctors...
Dr. Irwin - pediatric nephrologist
Dr. Bartholomew - pediatric urologist
Dr. Patel - pediatric cardiologist
Dr. Zwaan - pediatric ophthalmologist
Cathy Moritz - Early Childhood Intervention - social worker
Dr. Stanley - pediatric orthopedic
Dr. Etheridge - pediatrician
Daniel Wenske - ocularist
Dr. Fry - ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgeon
Lauri Staples - occupational therapist
I think that's all of them!
With all of these doctors mommy, daddy and I have been back and forth to San Antonio so many times already and it isn't slowing down any time soon. I don't mind the trip so much, but sometimes I get poked and I don't like that too much. But, I hear that I am a brave little boy and I try not to cry too much.

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